Travel should be arranged through Anthony Travel.

Anthony Travel is located in the Texas Athletics Business Office on the 7th floor of the North End Zone (NEZ).

Phone Numbers

On-Site Account Managers

Kim Stringer: (512) 471-5943

Courtney Cremer: (512) 471-8511

Teresa Munoz: (512) 471-8667

Sara Phillips: (512) 471-2881

Renee Wells: (512) 232-5115

On-Site Hours of Operation

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST 

Email Address

After Hours Travel Assistance


Monday – Friday
4 – 11  PM CT
After Hours Email

Saturday – Sunday
7 AM – 11 PM CT
After Hours Email

Monday – Sunday
11 PM – 7 AM CT
VIT Code: S715C

Mailing Address

Intercollegiate Athletics
The University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box 7399
Austin, TX 78713-7399

Shipping Address

2139 San Jacinto
Austin, TX 78712

Physical Address

University of Texas Athletics
405 E. 23rd St.
Austin, TX 78712

Off-Site Support Team

The Anthony Travel collegiate off-site support team is available to assist after hours and on weekends. Hours are Monday through Friday from 4pm until 11pm CST, Saturday from 8am to 11pm CST and Sunday from 7am to 9pm CST. The email address is and the phone number is 469-294-1031.

Additionally, a 3rd party after-hours service provider may be reached at 800-530-2560 24 hours a day. They are unable to provide assistance to group bookings. When working with the after-hours services, please provide the Texas Athletics VIT code – S7I5C. If there are widespread travel delays due to weather, security, or other unusual circumstances, you may experience a delay in service.  In the event you are not able to reach assistance through this provider, the on-site Account Manager mobile phone numbers are:

New Employee Information

New employees will need to complete a travel profile on the Concur booking tool.  Anthony Travel will send you information within your first week of employment on how to go about doing that.  In addition, you will need to review the Travel Information below and take action where necessary.

  1. Enroll in the Marriott VIP program. This is different than the individual Marriott Rewards program. It’s a membership for Athletics that allows for discounted room rates and the travel office books these routes on the traveler’s behalf so it’s expected the traveler carry their membership card with them.
  2. Enroll with Avis under the Athletics rate and direct bill. Enrolling as a preferred renter allows for expedited car rental and permits the charges to be billed to an Athletics account managed by the Business Office Travel Staff. The form needs to be completed and returned to Kim Stringer for processing. (see Avis Form) *cannot bring over existing Avis number Once you receive your Avis “wizard” number you will need use that number to register as a “Preferred” renter. This will allow for expedited service and free upgrades.



  3. Enroll with National via this link. This expedites the rental, direct bills to Athletics like Avis does but also allows members at airport locations to drive off with any type of vehicle available on the lot regardless of size of car booked and get billed for rental car size reserved (not driven). *can bring existing National/Enterprise number, provide to Travel Department so it can be transferred under the UT car program.
  4. We recommend travelers enroll with Marriott Rewards, Hilton Honors, Hyatt Gold Passport or Starwood Preferred guest programs. Membership allows for expedited check in, complimentary Wi-Fi and other amenities not always offered for those without membership.
  5. Parking Spot – Review the Airport Parking information located in the Travel Planning section.